New XSS Bypass CLOUDFLARE + Filters.

Hello Folks, i want to tell my story of this type of XSS.



Why this payload work?

…In my case, i was in front of an application that my payload was closed by Unicode Character.



This Payload was Blocked:


I This case i tryied to use another svg and the response was:


Unexpectedly, I noticed that it has moved one position. So:


In this case we notice that we have escaped from unicode character. And again with the slash:

\u01237\/ ----> \/\u01237\/\ ----> /\u01237\/ ----> /

And again bypass:

On\u01234\load ----> On\u01234\+OnLoAd ----> onload

Payload triggered:

We can use this payload for bypass CloudFlare too with default configuration:

(Note this is an example, but you can notice that the payload bypass cloudflare).

Blocked normal payload

Bypassed here:

I release you another good payload that bypass filters :) Maded by me.


|| Good luck everyone with hunting ||




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